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Leven Rose Emu Oil , 4 Fl Oz

Leven Rose Emu Oil , 4 Fl Oz

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Emu oil has become a significant factor in alternative treatments for skincare. arthritis. hair loss. and many other medical conditions. Scientific studies have shown that new Emu Oil benefits are being discovered every day. The Aborigines of Australia have utilized the properties of Emu Oil for thousands of years. Two of the key natural ingredients found in Emu Oil are linolenic acid and oleic acid. The combination of these healing properties offer relief to muscle aches and joint pain. The result is a natural. long lasting anti-inflammatory effect. Because the human skin lacks phosphorus. Emu Oil benefits are increased. The substance penetrates skin deeply. without having to pass through phosphorus. After it's applied to the skin. this non-irritating. odorless oil moisturizes and conditions the skin's texture. leaving it smooth and non-greasy. Once applied to the skin. Emu Oil penetrates quickly. delivering smooth healthy skin relieved of pain or soreness. Additionally. Emu Oil benefits are long lasting. even after repetitive washing of the skin. If you have scaly. thin skin. the Emu Oil's natural antioxidants can prove to be a therapeutic remedy. Do not apply any oil directly into any open wounds. This Emu Oil was heated to a high temperature and filtered. The filter was at a high temperature. then it was filtered 2 more times at room temperature. It's been found to be beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles and fine lines. It works great as an excellent moisturizer. for nail care and calluses. and it reduces wrinkles and age spots. stretch marks and scarring! Its molecules are much smaller than the molecules in human skin. Because of this. Emu Oil can penetrate deeply through seven layers of skin.

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